Flood Control in the Great Depression Spring 2003 Kansas History
Flood Response July 1951 Riley County Historical Society (via WØPBV)
Water in the Dust Bowl November 1951 QST: the 1951 flood (via WØPBV)
Field Day Photo Gallery June 1997 various legendary club members
Field Day Photo Gallery June 1998 operators, Little Jeffrey and results
Field Day Photo Gallery June 2005 operators, antennas and Little Jeffrey
Field Day Photo Gallery June 2016 on Google Drive
Field Day 2016 Highlights Video June 2016 by David Mills, KDØAZG (YouTube)
Field Day 2016 Highlights Video June 2016 by David Mills, KDØAZG (download)
Field Day Setup Photos June 2013 time-lapse of MAARS Field Day
Field Day 2015 June 2015 coverage from Wamego's The Smoke Signal
Field Day 2018 June 2018 Gallery and Results
Field Day 2019 Highlights Video  NEW! June 2019 by David Mills, KDØAZG (view) (download)
Spies, Espionage and Clandestine Radio date unknown John Skare, NØPVT, YouTube, 1 hr. 11 min. video
Operating Certificate - R.M.S. Queen Mary June 23, 1983 Myron Calhoun, WØPBV
International Endurance Horse Race September 1996 an international race, held in Geary County
Kids' Day January 2007 Manhattan Town Center
Ride for the Red (Cross) September 2012 Myron Calhoun, WØPBV and Jim Foster, KDØNQQ
Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride September 2013 from Wamego to the country
Holiday Party January 2014 Photo 1   Photo 2
CASA Bike Ride Support May 10, 2014 a participant at Ashland Bottoms, by Myron Calhoun, WØPBV
Fox Hunt April 28, 2019 by Ashley Benteman, KEØIQV
Antennas Program   Photo 1  Photo 2 July 13, 2007 by Francis Sable, WØEVJ and Scott Chainey, ACØCY

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