Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio May, 1998

Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB

I want to thank Jim DeVault for a very interesting program on Robotics. I think it was enjoyed by all. We also appreciated all of the KSU engineering students who stayed on campus to demonstrate their mobile robots.

Our next meeting will be on Friday, May 8th. Gary Johnson, KØHGJ, will be our speaker. He'll be talking about a controversial topic: "Free Energy". The meeting is at 7:30 PM in room 152 Rathbone Hall on the KSU-Manhattan campus. The Eating Meeting will be about 5:15 PM at the Sirloin Stockade on the east side of Manhattan.

The XYLs enjoyed a night out at the Gold Fork Restaurant. Our next outing will be in June. The date, time and place will be announced later.

John Best, NØTOK, has asked for someone to take over the newsletter and the web page. He has done a great job for a long time and we all really appreciate his work a great deal. David Yoder, KAØJPM is taking over the web page and Chuck Carter, AAØRI will edit and publish the newsletter. Thanks to all three of you.

Norm Dillman, NØJCC

I want to add my thanks to John, NØTOK for all of the work he's done as Newsletter Editor and Keeper of the Web Page. He has devoted many hours behind the scene every month for years to get those important jobs done. He's set a high standard for those who follow in his footsteps. THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!

Gary Johnson, KØHGJ will talk about "Free Energy" at the May meeting. Many of you are reading his new book on this topic. He's been studying these "new" ideas for many years. Gary has given talks to the club before on Tesla Coils and Health Effects of Magnetic Fields, so many of you know this will be another good program.

Field Day is less than eight weeks away. We have the basic plans together but we have a lot of details to fill in. We'll spend some time at the May meeting going over the plans, and Henry KAØSWM will lead the final planning and training at the June meeting.

For those of you interested in solar-powered vehicles, put May 30 and 31 on your calendar. The National Solar Bike Race will be held in Topeka at Forbes Field. The main races will be on Sunday, but there will be many things going on Saturday and a few people getting started on Friday. The bikes are power by a combination of solar-cells/battery and human power.

The KSU Solar Car for the 1999 Sunrayce finally has a new home after having our old lab condemned. We're still trying to determine exactly what battery to use, but have ordered $7000 worth of (1000) individual solar cells that have to be tested, sorted, encapsulated and mounted on the car. For the first time we are allowed to use Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries which have twice the energy density of lead acid BUT the best price for an 8-pack is $40,000. I think we'll go back to lead acid for less than $500 for an 8-pack. The new car is called Apollo and is number 11. You can adopt solar cells on the car for $20 each. There are only about 600 left, so you better hurry. We'll even give you a certificate showing you where it is on the car. Make your checks out to the KSU Foundation - Solar Car or we even accept cash.

Lenore Layman, NØTSN

The guest speaker for the evening was Jim DeVault on "Robotics"creations and demonstrations.

Field Day - Norm suggested that the club would be in need of a Porta-Potty for field day. A motion was passed and all were in favor of this. Henry will look into porta-potties and the cost, the club will spend up to $90.00 on this. Also, check with K-State to see if they have any access to porta-potties.

Picnic - A club picnic will be held on August 15th. The cost of renting a shelter at city park and Tuttle Creek state lake will be checked into.

Check-ins on the Tuesday night net were of concern to Dona Rose. The club agreed to continue the nets - it seemed check-ins were low due partially to daylight savings time and summer vacation approaching. Don't forget check in on the Tuesday net at 9:00 p.m.

XYL Dinner - Gold Fork, April 23rd at 7:00 p.m.

Code practice with Francis, WØEVJ on Thursday and Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.

Hamfests: May 15-17 Dayton Hamventon in Dayton, OH. Check newsletter for more hamfests.

April 18th - Earth Day at Sunset Zoo.

April 22nd - WARN has been cancelled.

May 14th - WARN meeting.

Mike, KBØFAX - "Kansas Sideband Net" needs someone to help take traffic. More details, contact Mike.

David Yoder, KAØJPM will now be handling the club's web site. Any questions, contact David.

Next club meeting May 8th. Gary Johnson, KØHGJ will be our guest speaker on "Free Energy".

Chuck Carter, AAØRI
May, 1998

After several years of editing the newsletter, keeping the web page up, being repeater trustee, etc., John Best, NØTOK has decided to divest himself of the newsletter and web page. John runs a couple of businesses as well as being on the Fire/Rescue team in Manhattan. I don't know where he found the time for all this, but he sure deserves a break.

I have never done anything like this before, so bear with me while I learn the art of being a newsletter editor. John is a professional in this business, I'm an amateur. I'm sure the quality will suffer.

If any of you have any suggestions on ways to improve the newsletter please let me hear them. I want you the members of this club to be satisfied with my endeavors.

73 de Chuck, AAØRI

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
April, 1998

Cash on Hand, 4/1/9820.00
Checking account balance, 4/1/98149.42
Savings account balance, 4/1/982,498.94
   Total on Hand, 4/1/98$ 2,668.36
   Interest - Savings Account18.48
   Auction - Books (Herb Bates)8.00
   ARRL Dues34.00
Total Receipts60.48
Total Cash Available $ 2,728.84
   Speaker's Meal4.46
   ARRL Dues32.00
Total Expenditures 85.81
Cash on Hand, 4/30/9820.00 
Checking account balance,4/30/9863.61 
Savings account balance, 4/30/982,559.42 
Total on Hand, 4/30/98 $ 2,643.03

If anyone has any questions about the treasurer's report or anything on the report, please ask the treasurer, Nadine Stueve, KØUHF. Anyone desiring to join MAARS, see her for the information. Also, she has forms for anyone desiring to join the American Radio Relay League. ARRL membership includes a subscription to the QST magazine. For new ARRL members, MAARS may keep $5 of the fee so it helps our club if you join through MAARS. Renewals through the club allow MAARS to retain $2 of the ARRL dues. If doing so, you must make out the check to MAARS and then MAARS writes a check for the amount to be remitted. In other words we retain the amount allotted to the club as they do not send the amount back to us. A question was asked about someone who does not have a license joining ARRL - the answer: yes, that is permitted.

Webmaster's Note: The WARN Severe Weather Observer Posts list was included in the printed newsletter, and can be found on this site on the WARN page.

1998 MAARS Field Day Committees and Job Descriptions
Chairman: Norm NØJCCGeneral Chairman and Solar-powered station #1
Co-chair: Henry KAØSWMJune meeting and arrangements
Novice/Tech. Station: Mike, NØPVUResponsible for Novice/Tech. station set-up and operators
Pre-publicity: NØTSNAll publicity before Field Day signs
Information Booth: KAØSWMGreeting and informing public during Field Day
Bike Power: Jon NØRYQ 
Packet/Satellites: Daniel KBØOTVSatellites, 2-meter packet for bulletins, messages, etc.
WARN: Phyllis NØMJBStorm spotting information booth
WARN and message: Phyllis NØMJBWARN publicity and Send message to Section manager
Computer logging: Mike NØPVUSet up computers and software for logging and training
HF Station #1: NormTotal Solar Powered
HF Station #2: Chuck/Francis (CW)Focus on CW
HF Station #3: Fred KØTCSMixed CW and Voice
Generators: Fred KØTCSCoordinate all generators and gas (Soldan gen. for shelter)
Lights/shelters: Jon NØRYQSet up gas or electric lights, tables, chairs and shade, etc.
Operation coordinator: NormSubmit final form to ARRL/collect logs/schedule operators
Water, food: Phyllis NØMJBFood, water, etc.
6-meter station 
First aid: KØUHFFirst aid, bug spray, sun screen
SWL/Night Security: John NØPVTShortwave listening and night security
W1AW messages, All HF operatorsCopy message, accurate copy needed for report: ONE needed
Message Relays, All HF operators10 points for each, up to ten (100 pts.)

May 15-17Dayton HamventionDayton, OH
May 29-30MW/Dakota ConventionS. Sioux City, NE
July 11PHD HamfestKansas City, MO
July 19Zero Beaters HamfestWashington, MO
August 1MO State ConventionSpringfield, MO