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This page of the MAARS web site hadn't been updated to speak of since 2-15-15, as I'm not involved in WARN. I've been adding individual trainings and events as I learn about them. Here is a Newsletter PDF for early 2020 from Laurie Harrison at Riley County Emergency Management. You can right-click to download it.

As I understand it, Dave Mills, is who to contact for more information.


Possibly-outdated information:

The Weather Amateur Radio Network (WARN) is a volunteer group formed to provide a network of severe weather observers to enhance the Riley County severe weather warning system. To provide this enhancement, WARN has observers and net control operators who have gone through a combination of classroom training and field training under the supervision of experienced observers. The classroom training consists of topics such as tracking and plotting storms on maps, observer safety and radio procedures. The field training consists of "ride alongs" with experienced severe weather observers during severe weather watches.

Communications between WARN control and severe weather observers on post is provided through amateur radio. WARN uses a system which consists of two 2-meter repeaters and a simplex frequency. KSØMAN (147.255+ MHz), sponsored by the Manhattan Area Amateur Radio Society, is the primary repeater. WØQQQ (145.410- MHz), sponsored by the Kansas State University Amateur Radio Club, is the secondary repeater. A simplex frequency (147.500 MHz) will be used if both repeaters fail.

WARN control operates from a station in the Riley County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). As information is gathered from severe weather observers, it is immediately relayed from WARN control to the Riley County Emergency Management Agency personnel in the EOC. The Emergency Management Agency personnel then disseminate the severe weather information to other Riley County emergency departments, and to the public.

E-mail contact information to if interested in CERT trainining on 2-15-20 and 2-22-20.

E-mail to volunteer to staff a WARN or CERT table for the spring Severe Weather Awareness Presentation on 3-31-20.

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Riley County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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Myron and Nancy Calhoun's 360° pictures of WARN posts NEW 2-2015

WARN Observer Posts

1RCPD EOC (Emergency Operations Center)1001 S. Seth Child Rd., Manhattan
2North end of W. 60th Ave.3011 W. 60th Ave.
3Riley County Shops6215 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
5Miller Ranch water tower4241 Miller Pkwy.
6W. 68th Ave. & K-186601 Ft. Riley Blvd.
7Observation Point at Tuttle Creek Dam1 Observation Point Dr.
8K-177 Overlook Park3700 Pillsbury Dr.
9Geary Co. Gravel StorageK-177 & south of I-70
10CemeteryK-18 & I-70 in Geary County
20Wakefield ExitK-77 & K-82
21Bala Cemetery2800 K-77
22Hill ¼ mile east of N. 60th Ave. & Anderson Ave.9825 N. 60th St.
241 mile east of Randolph BridgeK-16 in Pottawatomie County
25Senn Rd. & Walnut Creek Rd.10700 Senn Rd.
27K-77 & Parallel Rd.21901 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
28County Line Rd. & K-2417999 Barton Rd.
29Ebenezer Church18th Road in Clay County