Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio October, 1999

Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB

Everyone had a good time and a lot of good food at the annual club picnic in September. We voted to buy a dual band (2m/70cm) antenna for the club station. Lila Wrigley, KAØDAT, donated $100 to pay for it. THANKS from the whole club, Lila. The antenna is here but not installed yet. Our radio room is filling up with stuff for the November auction. We have a lot of work to get our club station running again but we're making progress.

Our next meeting will be at held at the NEW Red Cross Building at 2601 West Anderson in Manhattan. This is a new meeting location. We'll have a lot more room for the station and our meetings. The Red Cross is in the upstairs of the building on the left as you go down to Radio Shack. Enter on the north side of the building. We'll start of 7:30. The meeting will be about all the ways that the KSU Solar Car Team uses Amateur Radio and they'll tell about their experiences in the 1999 Sunrayce from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida last June. Don't forget to join us for dinner at the Manhattan Sirloin Stockade about 5:15 p.m. before the meeting.

The November meeting will be the annual election of officers and an auction of computer and ham equipment. Most of the items we have so far are surplus items from KSU but you're welcome to bring items to donated to the club. We'll have a list of things for sale in the next news letter.

We need a nominating committee this month so consider helping with that or running for an office. We'd like to have at least two people running for each office.

The XYL's went to dinner in September at Java and had a wonderful time. We'll go to dinner at Applebee's in Manhattan on November 18. All XYL's (licensed or not) are welcome.

Norm Dillman, NØJCC

We need to make some plans for the antennas at the new club station. Here are some ideas to consider for starters.

  1. Install the new dual band vertical that Lila (KAØDAT) bought on a 28 foot steel pipe that I've donated and Mike 'PVU hauled to the Red Cross. (I'm a little concern about the high voltage line that runs next to the building. I hope we can get "permission" to put the antenna that close to it and I hope we don't get noise. We shouldn't on FM.)
  2. We also have a copper, 2m J-pole that we can use as a backup 2m antenna or APRS.
  3. We also have a surplus "70 cm" beam donated by KSU as soon as Jon 'RYQ figures how to trim it to the ham band. I think all the above antennas will go on or near the pipe next to the window to the shack.
  4. For 40m and 80m (and maybe other HF bands) I propose a Windom or similar wire antenna with the feed point supported by an insulating pipe near the center of the building and the short end supported by another pipe on the north east corner of the building. We should be able to get permission to connect the long end to Radio Shack. (Dan Weir owns the building that the Red Cross is in and the Radio Shack building. He's really been supportive of our station.)
  5. Eventually, I think it would be good to have something like a vertical for 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. We have several offers of sections of towers but I'm not convinced that a tower is a good idea in this location. What do you think? Check it out and share your thoughts with everyone. See you at the next meeting.

Lenore Layman, NØTSN

Manhattan Area Amateur Radio Society
September 10, 1999

The September meeting was the club's annual picnic held at Tuttle Creek. A short business meeting was held.

Antenna - 2 meter 440 antenna can be put up at the new Red Cross and club location. Radio Shack has an antenna on sale for $90.00, Dan Weir owns both buildings and we could extend wire to the Radio Shack building. The current antenna belongs to Norm, NØJCC - a motion was made to purchase the antenna and all were in favor. Lila Wrigley, KAØDAT has donated $100 to the club to purchase the antenna.

Repeater - the club agreed to leave the power supply at batteries, and to get the charger up to the repeater location. Walmart carries a poly phase 1 1/2 amp for $15.00 this would protect the repeater from the antenna if there would be a lightning strike. A motion was made and second to purchase this protection for the repeater.

A motion was made and second to put the club call sign KSØMAN on the repeater.

All Kansas frequencies are listed wrong in the directory, especially listen for people passing through.

A notebook would be purchased and left at the repeater site for updates, repeater parts and numbers.

Brian, KCØDWX will be checking on prices for a lockable cabinet for the radio room at the Red Cross building and will let us know more at the next meeting.

Don't forget dues must be paid in order to vote at the November election.

We will be needing people for the nominating committee and/or if you are interested in running for an office.

Next meeting will be Friday, October 8th at our new location. 

Myron A. Calhoun, WØPBV
ARES Emergency Coordinator & RACES Radio Officer

From item six of THE AMATEUR'S CODE (written in 1928):

"The Amateur is Patriotic... His/her knowledge and station are always ready for the service of community and country."

As 'most anyone can easily imagine, a failure of the telephone system, whether caused by a tornado, the Y2K bug, or something else, creates a great potential for loss of life of residents of our communities. In anticipation of such a failure ("anticipation" in the dictionary sense of "foreseeing and dealing with in advance"), Riley County authorities want to position AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS, with battery-powered white strobe lights flashing atop their vehicles, at up to 25 key sites throughout the County to assist in dispatching emergency responders, and they have asked me (Myron, WØPBV) to coordinate this positioning.

Furthermore, because of the finite possibility of a Y2k-bug-induced failure at midnight on 31 December, 1999, they want us to BE IN POSITION beginning at 11:45 PM on 31 December, 1999, and ending (if no failure has occurred!) at 1:00 AM on 1 January, 2000.

Yes, I know that most people probably have other plans for welcoming in the new year (I, for example, will have to drag my wife away from a New Years Dance!), but I hope that the call of duty and patriotism is strong enough that you will volunteer (and thereby uphold the honor and good name of amateur radio operators everywhere).

If you are willing to help, please contact me (WØPBV,, 785-539-4448, or "Calhoun's Corner" starting 19 October or thereafter).

Incidentally, the posts are (in this order; the list is subject to change):

1. RCPD EOC (6th & Colorado)
2. Mercy Hospital on College
3. MFD/City Hall (11th & Poyntz)
4. County Courthouse (Poyntz)
5. Mercy Hospital on Sunset
6. MFD West (3300 Anderson)
7. County Shops (2711 Anderson)
8. Ogden Fire Station/Substation
9. Aggieville Substation
10. Riley Fire Station
11. Leonardville Fire Station
12. Randolph Fire Station
13. Manhattan Regional Airport
14. Keats Park
15. Bluemont Elementary School
16. Amanda Arnold Elementary School
17. Northview Elementary School
18. Farm Bureau Bldg. (new)
19. Candlewood (Dara's Fast Lane)
20. Holidome (Shop Quik)
21. Hampton Inn (Dara's FastLane)
22. Briggs Auto (Dara's Fast Lane)
23. 17th & Anderson (Wildcat Amoco)
24. 17th & Ft. Riley Blvd. (Dara's Fast Lane)
25. I-70 & 177 (Dee Dee's 66)

(You will be assigned a post as near your place of residence as possible.)



Chuck Carter, AAØRI

Sorry I missed the picnic, it sounds like it was fun as usual.

Thanks for the good information Myron, I hope you have a good turn out. Sorry I had to remove your "cut here" lines, but they just didn't work with this layout. The columns won't line up without bad spacing either. Maybe we need an editor who knows how to do this stuff!

Grace Ann has just returned from California where she picked up 68 telegraph and radio keys. I had bought them from an estate with the provision that they wouldn't ship them. If anyone wants to start a key collection, I have several duplicates now, especially J-37, J-38 and J-5-A military keys. Several are made by Lionel, the electric train people including a J-36, the WWII version of the Vibroplex "Lightning Bug". Lionel and several other companies made radio telegraph keys, guns, etc. for the war effort and I think they make for an interesting addition to anyone's gun or key collection.

I won't be here for the meeting, but Norm's antenna suggestions sound good to me. If the club is interested in putting up a tower, Billy Dickenson, AAØYA, has just taken down a Rhon 25 tower thats 30 or 40 foot with a 5 foot top section. He is interested in selling it.

73, Chuck ..._._

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
September, 1999

Cash on Hand, 8/31/9920.00
Checking account balance, 8/31/9923.51
Savings account balance, 8/31/99 2,023.00
Total on Hand, 8/31/99 $ 2,066.51
   Interest - Savings Account14.08
   Donation - Antenna100.00
   ARRL Dues20.00
Total Receipts    134.08
Total Money Available $ 2,200.59
   Newsletter - printing8.59
   Repeater Repair145.10
Total Expenditures    183.68
Cash on Hand, 9/30/9920.00 
Checking account balance, 9/30/99259.83 
Savings account balance, 9/30/991,737.08 
Total on Hand, 9/30/99 $ 2,016.91


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