Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio October, 1998

Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB

Thanks to Brad Guenther for an informative talk about Internet and Home Computer security at our September meeting.

Our next meeting will be Friday, October 9th in Room 152 Rathbone Hall at the KSU campus at 7:30 PM. Our speaker will be Dwight Nesmith. Everyone is invited to eat before the meeting at the Manhattan Sirloin Stockade at about 5:30 PM.

Mark December 12th on your calendar for the Club Christmas Party at Fred and Nadine Stueve's near Wamego. We'll give you more information later.

Reminder: Club dues need to be paid by the end of October so you can vote in the November election. The next XYL Outing will be October 22 at Harry's Uptown Restaurant at 7 PM. Thanks to Brian, KCØDWX and Cindy Carter for helping cut the many, many overhanging branches from the road leading up to the repeater.

Norm Dillman, NØJCC


Some time ago we got a club call sign (KBØSRO) so we would be eligible to apply for a club vanity call sign. I propose that we all think about good calls and vote on a list to submit to the FCC at the November meeting. You can check the Internet to see if a call is available. Some that I like are KSØMAN and KSØMHK.


The Riley County Red Cross Director, Beryl Adams, has expressed some interest in having MAARS set up a club station at the Red Cross Center on Poyntz. We could use the classroom there for our meetings too. I think we can borrow enough equipment to get started with an HF station and 2-meters and then improve the station later if there is enough interest. There are many details to work out but I think it would be good to have a permanent club station and meeting place. Let me know what you think about the idea.


Steve, KBØYER installed a APRS packet repeater at the Gehrt Road Antenna Farm two miles south of Manhattan. The frequency is 144.39 MHz. Dust off your packet equipment and try it out. I'm told there's GPS and weather information and other interesting stuff coming through. We'll get more information to you later.


Saturday, October 10, 1998 is the auction of surplus parts and equipment starting at 1 PM. It will be held two miles south of Manhattan on KS-177 and then west to 210 Gehrt Road. Coming from the interstate it's six miles to Gehrt Road. Many items have been donated to the local clubs for the sale. In addition to the auction you are welcome to bring your own stuff to sell. There's no charge but you'll need to bring your own table. There is some good stuff and some junk but we always have a good time. Call NØJCC or NØMJB on 147.255+ or at 785-539-1039 for more information.

Here is a partial list of items received so far: electronic work benches, steel cabinets, filing cabinets, Tek 503 and other old scopes plus several Tek scope carts, precision voltage and current source, HP harmonic distortion analyzer, Gould controller with PC software, 286 computer (wow), Sun UNIX server and two work stations, Xerox LISP machine with software and documents, IBM 8086 & 8286, Xerox printer with windows driver, vacuum oven, medical instruments, laser printers, pyrometer, capacitance meter, gas chromatograph, Perk & Elmer and HP scientific computers with printers, disk drives, plotters, good technical books plus many other items too numerous to mention. We expect more Ham equipment later when people bring equipment to donate and items they bought at previous auctions that they never used.


Next Club Meeting
October 9, 1998
Friday 7:30 PM
KSU - Rathbone 152
Speaker: Dwight A. Nesmith

"An Anthology of Insignificant Incidents of International Significance"

Professor Nesmith is widely known for his humorous interpretation of scientific and historical "facts." Don't miss this one!

Lenore Layman, NØTSN

Manhattan Area Amateur Radio Society September 11, 1998

Thank you Norm, NØJCC for taking minutes in my absence.

The guest speaker for the evening was Brad Guenther, a KSU computer system administrator, talking about Computer and Internet Security.

The special event station at Brinkley Days in Milford will be on Saturday, September 19.

Norm, NØJCC will be working on a request for Amateur communication between the Kansas City Airport and the Manhattan Holiday Inn for the National Tau Beta Pi Student Engineering Honor Society from October 7th to the 11th. An attempt will be made to link a repeater near the Kansas City Airport to one of the local 2 meter repeaters with two cross band 2m/440 rigs. No operators or equipment will be required from our club.

Reminder - the auction and tail gate swap will be held on October 10th at 1 PM (210 Gehrt Road, Manhattan).

Dues must be paid in order to vote at the November election. A nominating committee will be formed and members are encouraged to run for an office.

There are many college scholarships for Hams. If you are interested, contact Phyllis or check the ARRL web page for more information.

Norm made a motion to authorize John, NØTOK to buy the necessary circuits to add PL tones to our repeater. The tones could be installed and implemented later at John's discretion. Chuck, AAØRI, seconded the motion. After a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the tones the motion was tabled without a vote.

Annual Christmas Party will be held at Fred, KØTCS and Nadine, KØUHF Stueve's house on Saturday, December 12th.

The club recognized John, NØTOK and all the hams who helped track down and eliminate the repeater interference from a TV amplifier on the east side of Tuttle Lake.

Balloon launch - on Saturday, September 26th.

The next meeting will be on Friday, October 9th.

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
September 1998

Cash on Hand, 8/31/9821.00
Checking account balance, 8/31/9895.66
Savings account balance, 8/31/98 1,976.26
Total on Hand, 8/31/98 $ 2,092.92
   Interest - Savings Account15.44
Total Receipts320.44
Total Money Available $ 2,413.36
   Newsletter - copy 10.24
   Newsletter - postage 32.00
   Postage - Field Day reports3.00
   P. O. Box Rent 20.00
Total Expenditures 65.24
Cash on Hand, 9/30/98 20.00 
Checking account balance,9/30/98141.42 
Savings account balance, 9/30/982,186.70 
Total on Hand, 9/30/98 $ 2,348.12

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