Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio August, 1998

Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB

Our July meeting was spent going over Field Day. Our results were better than recent years, but we discussed many ways to improve things next year.

There will be NO MEETING on our regular Friday evening meeting time in August. Our next meeting will be our annual picnic Saturday, August 15th. It will be held at Tuttle Creek State Park in Shelter #2 from 4 pm to 8 pm. It's located south of the lake, below the dam, on the west side of the river. There is a good map on the MAARS web page. I hope we can have a big crowd. We will have a short business meeting to discuss the repeater interference and installing PL in the repeater.

Norm Dillman, NØJCC

Field Day results continued.

The information I gave at the July meeting had some errors. Here is a summary of the three stations operating as KØUHF operating 3A, totally on emergency power.

124 28
62 176
26 100
212 337

With the x2 multiplier for all CW contacts and an additional multiplier of x2 for operating all stations under 150 watts our contact total points were 1696.

We also got bonus points for (1) operating in a public place (100), (2) Media Publicity (100), (3) emergency power (300), (4) W1AW field day message (100), (5) Information booth (100), and (6) Natural Power - solar (100). Total bonus points = 800.

Grand total for 1998 field day was 2496.

It was fun to see everyone having a good time. As I mentioned last month, we had many problems and things we could have done better but we did a lot of things right and can fix the problems next year. Field Day really makes us get better prepared for emergency communication. Many people worked hard to get these good results. THANKS.

Next near during Field Day Phyllis and I will be on the east coast with the KSU solar car team in Sunrayce '99. We'll be looking for the MAARS stations to add some points so you can break 3000 next year.

Our search for the repeater interference has been narrowed down to a small area of 30+ homes on the east side of Tuttle Creek Lake just North of the Dam. Many people have contributed to this effort but at the time of writing we still don't know exactly what or where it is. I hope we can spend some time discussing this problem at the August picnic.

(Since Norm wrote this the fault was found and has not returned yet. We think it will probably resurface and need a permanent fix at some later time).

The plans for the Fall Ham Auction have not been finalized but we already have many contributions.

Lenore Layman, NØTSN

The evening's agenda was a review of Field Day. Close to 2000 data entries were made for the club. A total of 633 contacts were made which included Novice 87, CW 153, Solar 303, #3 HF 57, and VHF 33. The club also received 100 points for each of the following: public place, information booth, emergency power, WIAW message, natural power, and publicity bonus. The day was a success, the location worked out fine total of 633 contacts and 2660 points were made. Thank you notes were sent out to Bill Dorsett for the use of his solar trailer, Rod Merideth from Riley County Parks, TCI, McDonalds, Flint Hills Computer and the Wamego Times for making our field day a success. Now would be a good time to think about next year's field day and getting a committee and chairperson together.

The club's annual picnic will be held on Saturday, August 15th at Tuttle Creek State Lake Park shelter #2 at 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm, bring your own meat and something to share. Grills will be at the shelter and ice tea and/or water will be provided. If you need directions, contact Nadine, KØUHF for a map.

Nadine passed around copies of an article on "The Power of Inc." a discussion on our club becoming incorported. The possibility of ARRL knowing names of lawyers who we can contact if we any questions or concerns. Some questions: need directors liability insurance, tax exempt from IRS. More on this subject at the September meeting.

Programs - if anyone has any suggestions or knows of anyone that would like to give a program, contact Norm, NØJCC.

There will not be a regular scheduled meeting in August due to the club's annual picnic. The next regular scheduled meeting will be Friday, September 11th.

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
June and July, 1998

Cash on Hand, 6/1/9820.00
Checking account balance, 6/1/9816.49
Savings account balance, 6/1/98 2,159.42
   Total on Hand, 6/1/98$ 2,195.91
   ARRL Dues20.00
   Interest - Savings Account16.84
Total Receipts37.84
Total Cash Available $ 2,233.75
   Newsletter - copy25.71
    Newsletter - postage32.00
   Reservation for Picnic20.00
   Long Distance Charges.35
Total Expenditures 95.40
Cash on Hand, 7/25/9821.00 
Checking account balance,7/25/98141.09 
Savings account balance, 7/25/981,976.26 
Total on Hand, 7/25/98 $ 2,138.35

July 11PHD HamfestKansas City, MO
July 19Zero Beaters HamfestWashington, MO
August 1MO State ConventionSpringfield, MO
August 9CVARC HamfestAmana, IA
August 16CKARC HamfestSalina, KS
August 23Ak-sar-ben HamfestOmaha, NE
August 30Dubuque HamfestDubuque, IA
September 12CMRA HamfestColumbia, MO