MAARS Meeting Minutes, June 10, 2015
submitted by Jim Foster, KDØNQQ, secretary

Meeting commenced: 6:45 p.m. at Vista in Manhattan, KS.   Meeting concluded: 7:53 p.m.


Dave Mills, Treasurer, KDØAZG, Manhattan
Nancy Calhoun NØKMU, Manhattan
Myron Calhoun WØPBV, Manhattan
Francis Sable WØEVJ, Wamego
George Johnson KEØALQ, Manhattan
Patti Johnson KEØBBJ, Manhattan
Jim Foster, Secretary, KDØNQQ, Wamego
Nick Merryman, KG7NQS, Seattle
Jeff Greer, WD4ET
Max Nager, KD2GJM


1. Field Day Review

  • Membership is low enough, 24-hour station is difficult

  • Possibly set up a partial session, Sat. P.M., Sun. A.M.

  • Security for partial day, lock boxes

  • More public place might get better traffic

    • Walmart parking lot

    • Above the dam, observation area

    • Park area near the Discovery Center

  • Modes?

    • Voice, CW (if we can get a volunteer), Phone

    • 40m, 80m, ?

  • Set personal goal – work all states? Number of contacts?

  • Review this about March 2016

2. Testing Session
  • When? After K-State returns – early October 3

  • Where: Computer Science Conf. Room, Nichols Hall, K-State

  • VE: Jeff is Extra VE. Jim and Max will seek to get VE status. Max will contact Vern as a potential VE.

3. Upcoming Events
  1. September 26 – Oztoberfest

  2. Communicate to Jay – will transport nearest SAG, not home

4. Treasurer's Report
  • No change

  • Signed up Max and George as members

Next meeting: Francis will present on solid state devices.

George could present a Baofeng class – 4-5 months out

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