Monthly Newsletter  Supporting the Advancement of Amateur Radio  July 2007

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

Greetings to all. The weather is getting hotter and Field Day and the 4th of July have passed. I hope you all had a safe Independence Day holiday.

We had a wonderful time at Field Day here in Manhattan and while I won't repeat all the details that our secretary Francis (WØEVJ) has told us about I would like to thank all that attended. A special thanks to Fred (KØTCS) for bringing Little Jeffrey, Daryl (NØYHJ) for bringing a radio, Josh (KI4LZK) for bringing a radio, Scott (ACØCY) a computer, Kenny (KBØRPV) for his tower that he hadn't even seen for 2 years thanks to us, Christine (KCØYJN) for breakfast and food runs, Mike (NØPVU) for misc. goodies and a night time beverage for a couple of us up working the radio through the night and Sylvia (KCØYJO) for her patience when I was less than patient, and her ability to put up with all the work that can come with being around a ham once or twice a year. Iknow I should be thanking more so forgive me for those I missed. Our July meeting will include making plans for our annual picnic as well as a demonstration by Francis (WØEVJ) on antenna theory aided by Scott (ACØCY). We have a couple of newer hams on the air as well and I have to admit I'd like to hear more people coming back to them. I'm not always the best myself but let's do our best to keep amateur radio alive. I hope you will all join us Friday for our meeting at 7:30 P.M., and our eating meeting at 5:30 P.M. as well.

Brian Carter, KCØDWX
WARN (Weather Amateur Radio Network) member

Scott Chainey, ACØCY

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Francis Sable, WØEVJ

Field day was Saturday June 23 and Sunday July 24 in the Manhattan City Park. We had old and new people in attendance. The weather was favorable, although the humidity was high on Saturday morning after the rain on Friday night. Sunday morning was ideal with a slight breeze.

Brian, KCØDWX, MAARS president, led the group. He brought much equipment to our operating site. This included the newly renovated portable antenna tower belonging to Kenny Grant, KBØRPV. He also brought our MAARS banner, AC power generator, tarps for shade, extra coax cable, tools, HF radio, antenna tuner and many other items.

Fred, KØTCS, came with his large AC generator, named "Little Jeffrey" after the nearby Jeffrey Energy Center, where Fred was once employed. Unfortunately, "Little Jeffrey" displayed a "Murphy's Law" condition when it was attempted to start up. Fred demonstrated that He was a "Real Ham." When the going gets tough "Real Hams" get going. Although Fred is aged in the eighties, He continued working a large part of the day to find and correct the malady in "Little Jeffrey," which turned out to be a stuck carburetor float. Mike, WØMAF, assisted Fred in working on "Little Jeffrey." In the mean time, we had portable operating power from Brian's smaller generator unit.

Putting together and mounting the 4-element triband beam antenna required a group effort. This included Mark, KCØQAS; Tim, KCØMDC; Kenny , KBØRPV; Scott, ACØCY; Brian, KCØDWX; Josh, KI4LZX and others. There was some difficulty in mounting the beam onto the tower, due to not having the proper size mast to match the antenna fittings. Francis, WØEVJ, brought a homemade portable vertical antenna. Daryl, NØYHJ, brought a Butternut HF vertical antenna.

Our operating class this year was 2A Kansas. Our operating call sign was ACØCY. Those operating the radios included Josh, KI4LKZ; Sylvia, KCØYJO; Mark, KCØQAS; Scott, ACØCY; Brian, KCØDWX and others. Our total number of radio contacts was 190.

Brian, KCØDWX. brought his RV vehicle for the use of those staying during the night. On Sunday Morning, Christine, KCØYJN, supplied a pancake and coffee breakfast for those present. We operated until the deadline Sunday morning. Most of our operation was on the 20-meter band.

There were a total of at least 23 people either participating or visiting our Field Day event.

Scott Chainey, ACØCY

July 2007

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Cash on Hand, 7/01/0760.00 
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Savings, 7/01/07504.40 
Total Cash on Hand, 7/01/07  $ 1006.83


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