Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio July, 2001

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

The weekend of June 23rd and 24th marked Amateur Radio Field Day. The event was held at the home of Fred and Nadine Stueve, and a big thanks goes to them for being such excellent hosts. Those of us that attended were treated to a camp fire for grilling hot dogs and other foods, home made ice-cream (Fred and Nadine), and Henry Bachman (KAØSWM), brought a cake. During setup on Saturday, Grace Ann Carter brought sandwiches from Subway, as well as baked beans for dinner.

Equipment was provided by all but the rigs used were supplied by Chuck (AAØRI) and Henry. We operated as a class 2A with two HF stations, one SSB and Chuck and Francis (WØEVJ) operated CW. For the SSB station, both a beam antenna owned by Mike Moore (NØPVU) and a G5RV dipole owned by Henry were used, with good results on both. Highlights were the contact of an air mobile station on SSB, and a Hawaii station on CW. Francis provided a vertical antenna with the tuner mounted at the antenna that I'm sorry we didn't take the time to play with. It is a very interesting setup.

Mike and Henry provided helium for a balloon obtained from Mike Akulow with the Weather Service in Topeka. After a great deal of discussion and patching coax together with only a couple of minutes left in tethering the balloon it burst. We speculated to either or both overinflation and windy conditions. We still had a very good time with it and maybe even learned a thing or two about ballooning. Much of the event was captured on video and film by Myron Calhoun (WØPBV), Pete Garfinkle (KD7GBG), and Laurie Harrison (KCØKTY). We could even hear the balloon burst on the video. Unfortunately we didn't quite get the actual burst visually.

Other persons attending the event Erin Crouch (KBØTXL), Kenny Grant (KBØRPV), and Scott Seymore (WØSAS). Thanks to all those who attended and participated.

Our next meeting will be held July 13th at the normal location of 2601 Anderson at the American Red Cross building at 7:30 P.M. The main topics for discussion will be the results of Field Day and the upcoming Riley County Fair. WARN will have a booth at the fair and will be using the communications bus for their booth. Laurie has suggested that MAARS may want to use this as an opportunity to show and recruit amateur radio. She has obtained some old QSL cards for posting and is using a map to demonstrate where the contacts were made. If you are interested in participating or have ideas please bring them with you to the meeting.

As usually before the meeting we will gather at the Sirloin Stockade for dinner, most people attend dinner around 5:30. We hope to see you there.

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

The June 8, 2001 Maars meeting: The meeting was opened by Brian, KCØDWX. There is discussion of getting a new repeater trustee. Henry, KAØSWM, and Myron ,WØPBV, are possible choices. Nadine, KØUHF, moves that Myron, Henry and Chuck form a committee to make decisions about the repeater trustee. Motion is passed by a vote of members present.

Brian solicits volunteers to be MAARS Newsletter editor. Myron moves that we make copies of important manuals. Motion is passed by a vote of members present.

Henry, KAØSWM, is voted in as new trustee for the MAARS repeater.

Nadine announces changes in the security setup at the Topeka Red Cross Building.

Francis reads and discusses Field Day rules, procedures and scoring. It is decided that our FD operating classification will be 2A, unless someone decides to operate a didital mode, then it will be 3A. Fred suggests bringing tables, lawn chairs and rope for guys to the FD site. Nadine and Brian discuss submitting FD publicity to the News Media before the FD weekend arrives.

The meeting is adjourned at 9:15 P.M . with 12 members attending

FIELD DAY REPORT  --  JUNE 23 & 24 , 2001

The group assembled at the Field Day site on Friday , June 22 at about 4:00 P.M. to begin erection of antennas and other setup details. We began again at about 8:00 A.M. Saturday morning. We put up a Butternut vertical antenna supplied by Chuck, AAØRI, and another vertical antenna supplied by Francis, WØEVJ, and later a 3-element tri-band beam brought by Mike, NØPVU. We also put power cables into place and set tables and equipment.

At about noon, we inflated a weather balloon brought by Mike, attached a wire antenna to it and attempted to get it aloft. Gusty winds made this tricky. The balloon did get up to about 100 ft. or more and had enough lift to support the antenna and coax feed line. But soon the balloon could not stand the strain of the gusty wind and it burst. So there was no opportunity to use the balloon antenna.

After the balloon attempt it was past 1:00 P.M . and time to start the FD operation.This year MAARS' FD classification was 2A Kansas and the callsign used was KØUHF. Chuck, AAØRI, operated one transceiver on CW. The other transceiver, supplied by Henry, KAØSWM, was operated on ssb voice. Brian, KCØDWX, Mike, NØPVU,and Scott, WØSAS, doing most of the operating.

Mike and Chuck supplied computers and logging software for the operation. Our non-commercial power was supplied by Fred, KØTCS, from his motor-generator unit called "Little Jeffrey". Fred and Nadine also supplied cold and hot drinks and snacks. This made operating in their spacious utility building cool and comfortable.

At about 5:00 P.M . an outdoor grill was set up by Mike and Henry, and we had hot dogs and hamburgers and side dishes. The FD operation continued until about 11:00 P.M. Saturday.

Sunday morning starting at about 8:00 A.M. , we were treated to a hot cake breakfast supplied and cooked by Henry, with drinks provided by Nadine. FD operation continued to 11:00 A.M. when we shut down and began the take down of antennas and equipment.

On behalf of MAARS, we thank those who particapted and brought equipment, food and supplies. We especially thank Mike for his efforts at launching the balloon and also supplying the balloon antenna . We also thank Fred and Nadine for their generous and friendly hosting of the event.

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
June 2001

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Savings Account Balance, 6/30/01908.98 
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