Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio June, 1999

Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB

Thank you, John Blessing, NØYRL, for talking to us about your plans to link repeaters in northeast Kansas. Good luck with your proposal and keep us informed.

Our next meeting will be planning for Field Day. Our meeting starts at 7:30 PM. It is held at the Riley County Red Cross Building which is at 1410 Poyntz in Manhattan. There is also an informal "eating meeting" at the Manhattan Sirloin Stockade at about 5:15 PM.

Field Day is June 26 and 27. It will be held at the shelter in the Manhattan City Park on Poyntz just east of the Red Cross Building. Henry Bachman, KAØSWM, is the chairman. Contact him for more information and to help with the activities.

The next XYL dinner will be held on July 22. The location will be announced later. Remember all women are welcome whether they are licensed or not. We always have a good time.

Norm Dillman, NØJCC

Listen for us on the east coast for Field Day. We'll be with the KSU Solar Car on the Sunrayce. Listen for KSØLAR, NØJCC, AAØRI and NØIN. We'll be listening for you. We'll be checking in on the nets on 14.300 or 14.313 MHz occasionally from June 13 to June 30. We'll also be sending slow scan TV pictures around 14.230 MHz now and then. You should also be able to check our progress by logging into APRS on the Internet. The APRS and SSTV is the work of Daniel, KBØOTV. We'll have about 17 hams altogether on the KSU race team. If all else fails link to the Sunrayce on the Internet at and find out what's happening.

Phyllis and I will continue to be on the air during July and early August traveling from Florida to California and back to Kansas. It's always great to contact someone back home. We'll be checking e-mail also if you use or

Did you know......a Class A amplifier runs cooler at full signal than with no signal.......

A feedback amplifier with a gain of 1 is more likely to have oscillation problems than one with a gain of 100.......

Field Effect Transistors were invented many years before "regular" bipolar transistors but were not commercially developed until many years after the BJT.....

Most computer circuits today are made with Field Effect Transistors ......

Larger diameter coax generally has lower loss because the resistance of the conductors is less (bigger area).....from the moon, the position of the earth in the sky never changes.......

There are two high tides on the earth at any time because the moon pulls the water closest to it away from the earth and pulls the earth away from the water on the back side.......

You never have all the right tools when you climb a tower and you always drop at least one nut.....most people don't really care about the above observations.

Have a good summer.

Lenore Layman, NØTSN

May 14, 1999

The president of QQQ, John Blessing, was the club's guest speaker for the evening.

Field Day - Henry would have a meeting for the field day committee shortly to finalize plans for field day and they would be discussed at the next meeting.

If anyone is interested in getting information on the callbook on CD ROM, contact Nadine.

XYL - the XYL's will hold their dinner at the Little Apple Brewing Company on Thursday, May 27th at 7:00 p.m. If you would like to car pool or need a ride, please contact one of the officers.

Mass Care Training will be held at the Red Cross Building on Poyntz on Monday, May 24th at 7:00 p.m.

The next club meeting will be on Friday, June 11th at the Red Cross Building on Poyntz.

Chuck Carter, AAØRI

Norm wishes to thank all that helped with the solar bike race in Topeka. The races were fun to watch, the average speeds were up a little from last year and the "S" class cars were lots faster. The designs/ingenuity were interesting to see.

The "Newsletter" is lighter this month as I didn't find any interesting filler and we have no other contributions from the members. Remember, this is YOUR "Newsletter". Please contribute to its content whenever you can.

Henry and crew have been working hard to get Field Day off and running. I hope you all have a good time and lots of success this year. I'm sorry that I won't be there but will be out of town attending the Solar Car race. GO KSU.

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
May, 1999

Cash on Hand, 4/30/9920.00
Checking account balance, 4/30/99467.71
Savings account balance, 4/30/99 2,107.47
Total on Hand, 4/30/99 $ 2,595.18
Total Receipts    33.00
Total Money Available $ 2,628.18
   Newsletter - printing7.20
   Insurance - Equipment69.00
   Insurance - Liability325.00
   Speaker's Meal7.86
Total Expenditures    434.43
Cash on Hand, 5/31/99 53.00 
Checking account balance, 5/31/9933.28 
Savings account balance, 5/31/992,107.47 
Total on Hand, 5/31/99 $ 2,193.75


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June 12 - Macon ARC Hamfest - Macon, Mo.

July 10 - PHD Midwest Division Hamfest - Kansas City, Mo.

August 7 - SMARC Hamfest - Springfield, Mo.

August 22 - Kansas State Convention, SVARC Hamfest - Salina, Ks.

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