Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio June, 2000

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

Hello to all, hope you are ready for summer. Our meeting in May was another fairly informal meeting as we went out to the Konza Observation area to "go fly a kite". Mike Moore,NØPVU displayed and flew for the club his quite large amateur radio kite. Hopefully we can use it on Field Day for flying an antenna.

On Tuesday Myron Calhoun,WØPBV coordinated with Riley county officials a mock emergency where he, Bob Bartholic, KBØZWK, Kevin Bradshaw, KCØDWV, and Henry Bachman, KAØSWM manned storm spotter stations as well as other emergency communications points for the Manhattan area. They were able to locate a couple of problem areas for communications in case of emergencies here in Manhattan and Riley County.

Our June meeting will be a bit more formal and should be back at our normal location of the Red Cross at 2601 W. Anderson, on June 9th at 7:30 P.M. The main topics of the meeting will be Field Day and our club picnic. We need to get a date and location set for the picnic. The location will more than likely be below the tubes at Tuttle Creek though several other locations were mentioned at the last meeting and should be discussed. They warranted looking into.

June 10th from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. the Red Cross in Junction City will be holding a safety fair in the Park at J.C. WARN, Weather Amateur Radio Net, will be present and as I plan on being there I will also take some material for MAARS. If anyone else is interested in helping with this event please let me know. Any help is appreciated. Junction City is certainly in our area and I've even had someone from that area contact me in the last week in reference to our club.

Last but certainly not least.....please feel free to join us before the club meeting on the 9th of June, at the Sirloin Stockade here in Manhattan for the eating meeting. Many of us gather to eat what we shouldn't and too much of it, but the conversation is good. We try to locate ourselves in the SW corner of the building. The Manhattan Sirloin Stockade is located near K-mart. Hope to see you all at the meeting and
Brian Carter

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

The MAARS meeting for May 12, 2000 was at the Konza lookout site about 3 miles south of Manhattan on 177 highway. An informal portion of the meeting began at 7:30 P.M. with a demonstration by Mike, NØPVU of his large home-made kite in flight. He is experimenting with the kite to learn the possibilites of using it to support an antenna for F.D. operation.

At the formal portion of the meeting it was moved and seconded to try to obtain the use of the lookout for Field Day. Members present voted for this.

There was discussion about where to have the annual picnic next September. It was suggested that one possible location would be a park near Keats. No decision was made.

There was further discussion of F.D. details. Some MAARS members volunteered the use of radios, a power generator, computers and other equipment for F.D.

After discussion of F.D. pins offered by ARRL at $5.00 to present to F.D. participants, it was voted negative. Meeting was adjourned.


A get-together was at the Dillman residence on Saturday, May 27. Some of the group arrived about 5:00 P.M. and participated in a mobile fox hunt with Norm, NØJCC being the fox. A crossband setup for control of the fox's transmissions was used. This enabled the fox hunters to call up a fox transmission whenever they desired (if they were within range of the WØQQQ 444.175 MHz repeater). The fox transmitted on 146.57 MHz. The fox may have been a smart one, since he was not caught, although Brian, KCØDWX and Pete, KD7GBG claim to have gotten close.

After the fox hunt Mike, NØPVU again flew his large home-made kite which may be used to support an antenna during Field Day on June 24 and 25. Then we had a delicious meal of hamburgers and hot dogs served by Norm and Phyllis with side dishes of salads and desserts brought by some of those attending.

Our special guest was Tom Phillips, KFØKR of Pueblo, CO. Tom was a former resident of this area, and was back in Manhattan this week for some commercial pilot training provided at the local air terminal.

Although they were unable to attend, we were also honoring Fred, KØTCS and Nadine, KØUHF for their 50th wedding anniversary and in appreciation of their many years of support and service to MAARS.


A simulated emergency drill was conducted on Tuesday, May 23 in Manhattan by civil authorities. Also participating were amateur operators Bob, KBØZWK, Myron, WØPBV, Kevin, KCØDWV, and Henry, KAØSWM. Myron reported that more volunteers would have expedited the amateur radio operation.


Carl E. Schafer "Rock", WØEFZ, Topeka, died on Monday, May 22 at age 75 years. He had been in poor health for some time. Rock was an ATV enthusiast. He participated in some of the experimental balloon flights that were launched from Manhattan. He was especially interested in TV transmissions from the balloon. He was an employee of Santa Fe Railroad for many years. 

Chuck Carter, AAØRI



  1. Heathkit Electronic Keyer  $25
  2. Alpha Delta lightning surge protected 4-position coax switches  $50
  3. Rohn 25G 4 10-ft. sections, top section, accessory shelf, base (home made), steel mast, two guy brackets (new $675) w/ 6 guy cables   $275
  4. Mosley Pro67B, big 7-element yagi, 40m (2 elements) through 10m  $450
  5. MFJ Pocket Morse Code Tutor, MFJ-418  $40
  6. 20-ft. Radio Shack push-up pole  $10
  7. other items next month

Contact Norm Dillman, NØJCC (785) 539-1039 or


Home-brew HF Amplifier (40m/80m) built long ago by Bill Schrenk, WØPAH. (Bill was advisor to KSUARC many years.) It uses a pair of 811A's and has an internal 120-vac power supply. It was working when last used but may need some work now. Contributions will be split between MAARS and KSUARC. The amp may be seen at the KSØMAN club station in the Riley County Red Cross Building. Donations: 50 cents/chance or $5/15 chances. The winner will be selected at the MAARS Fall Picnic.


Dear Amateur Radio Licensee or Club:

My name is Scott Dickson, and my call is W5WZ. I'm currently the Secretary/Treasurer for the Twin City Ham Club, W5EA, in Monroe, Louisiana. Our club is sponsoring the Louisiana QSO Party 2000. We are very excited, as the last Louisiana QSO Party was 20 years ago.

I acquired your email address from the ARRL website, where your address was listed as a contact for an amateur radio club.

We are making arrangements for announcements in QST, NCJ, CQ and other publications and web sites. But to be the most effective, we need for hams everywhere, both in the US and DX, to hear about the upcoming LAQP. This is where we would like to enlist your help.

You have access to many hams in your clubs. You know many hams across the country and around the world. Let them know about the Louisiana QSO Party. Mention it on your nets, in your club newsletters, and on your club's web site of upcoming events.

The Louisiana QSO Party 2000 will be held on 30 September 2000. For full details and rules, see the Official LAQP web site.

The Official Louisiana QSO Party web site is

General queries should be directed to the TCHC Contest Chairman at, to Scott Dickson, or via US mail.


TCHC Contest Committee
PO Box 1871
West Monroe, LA  :71294

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Please help us promote our hobby by passing this information along to others.

Scott, W5WZ

Look for the Louisiana QSO Party, 30 September 2000.


Sun.3:00 P.M.SSTV (VHF) Net146.715 MHz
Sun.3:30 P.M.Air Capital 10-10 Net28.775 MHz
Sun.4:00 P.M.SSTV (VHF) Net146.820 MHz
Sun.6:30 P.M.Sedgwick Country RACES Net146.940 MHz
Sun.6:45 P.M.Tec-Ni-Chat Net146.940 MHz
Sun.7:00 P.M.ICUC Net146.940 MHz
Sun.8:00 P.M.WARC Net146.820 MHz
Sun.8:00 P.M.CCARC Satellite Net145.190 MHz
Mon.8:00 P.M.Q & A Net146.790 MHz
Mon.8:00 P.M.Kansas SWOT (USB) Net144.250 MHz
Mon.8:30 P.M.Harvey County RACES Net146.610 MHz
Mon.9:00 P.M.Cowley County Emerg. Net145.190 MHz
Mon.9:00 P.M.ARES Net146.820 MHz
Tue.8:00 P.M.BEARS Net146.895 MHz
Tue.8:00 P.M.YL Net146.790 MHz
Tue.8:30 P.M.Six Meter Net50.130 MHz
Wed.8:00 P.M.CCARC On-Air Meeting145.190 MHz
Wed.8:00 P.M.SC KS SWOT (USB)144.215 MHz
Wed.9:00 P.M.QCWA Net146.820 MHz
Thu.8:00 P.M.FM ROCK Net145.370 MHz
Thu.8:30 P.M.23 Centimeter Net1288.000 MHz
Sat.8:00 P.M.Saline Swap Tech Net146.730 MHz

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
May 2000

Total Cash Available, 5/01/00 $ 1,622.19
Total Receipts    + 0.00
Total Expenditures    - 4.04
Cash on Hand, 5/31/0020.00 
Checking Account Balance, 5/31/00174.18 
Savings Account Balance, 5/31/001,423.97 
Balance on Hand, 5/31/00 $ 1,618.15


If you would like to become a member of or renew your membership in the American Radio Relay League and receive the monthly issue of QST, your treasurer has a form you may use to apply. If renewing, just bring along your notice of renewal to the club meeting. The club is allowed to retain $5 of each new member's dues and $2 of each full member who is renewing. Since the club retains the dues, it is necessary for you to write your check to MAARS, and then the treasurer writes a check to ARRL for the amount minus the $5 or $2.


Dues will be due by Oct. 31 and are: regular membership $20, full-time student $10, family $30. Please complete the following when renewing your membership, even if you did so last year. Return to the Treasurer, at a meeting or to MAARS, P. O. Box 613, Manhattan, KS 66505-0613.

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MAILING ADDRESS____________________________________  DATE _____________

CITY _______________________________ STATE _____  ZIP CODE _____________

TELEPHONE # (____)_______________  E-MAIL ADDRESS _______________________


NAME _______________________________________  CALLSIGN ____________

NAME _______________________________________  CALLSIGN ____________


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