MAARS Meeting Minutes, May 8, 2015
submitted by Jim Foster, KDØNQQ, secretary

Meeting commenced: 6:30 p.m. at Vista in Manhattan, KS.   Meeting concluded: 7:45 p.m.


Mark Benfer, President, KCØQAS, Manhattan
Jeff Greer, WD4ET, Manhattan
Nancy Calhoun NØKMU Manhattan
Myron Calhoun WØPBV Manhattan
Reid Sayler, KEØEIE, Manhattan
James Copeland, KDØICP, Manhattan
Max Nager, KD2GJM, Manhattan
Farren Constable KBØAZJ Blue Rapids
David Mills, Treasurer, KDØAZG Manhattan
Francis Sable WØEVJ Wamego
Jim Foster, Secretary, KDØNQQ Wamego

1. Bike ride after action review
  • Route
  • K177 is dangerous – lots of traffic, narrow road, non-existent shoulder
  • Dog issue – has happened in the past, this year a bite
  • Use the "old" northern route?
  • Event coordinator should publish phone number of coordinator for riders to call – feedback from riders
  • Jim will follow up with Aaron – he is supposed to be giving us feedback
  • More concerted effort to get pictures next year's event – use for promotion
  • Should we provide transport?
  • We will provide transport to the nearest SAG, rider or event coordinator will transport 'home'
  • Giving full rides takes operators off the route, leaves holes in coverage
  • Need to communicate this to event coordinators
  • Planning
  • Jim will share his research on planning documents, both rough drafts and what on KC area group is doing
2. Repeater discussion
  • Options for operation
  • Tone or no tone
  • Proposal: add trailing chirp for using tone – Club agrees: Dave will contact Justin to enact. Dave will notify
  • Link or no link?
  • Proposal: stay linked for a month and get used to it
  • Dave will enact
  • Francis is having problems hitting the repeater in Wamego when mobile – cause unknown
  • Proposal: Mark would like to change the power to 50W out of the duplexer, vs 50W into the duplexer
  • Agreement to try it – Mark will enact and notify
3. Testing session feedback
  • 9 attended, 7 passed
  • Brian says that he can have them any time.
  • Quarterly?
  • Need to check Larry's List for when other regional – Jim will look, and put together a schedule
  • Will discuss next meeting, after more info
4. Field day – June 27-28th
  • Wamego City Park pavilion is reserved
  • Permission granted to hang antennas non-permanently in trees
  • Eric has offered up the pneumatic mast again
  • Stations
  • Jim will bring HF, run 20 or 40
  • Mark will bring HF also
  • Additional modes for public demonstration would be good
  • Create press release in advance – Jim
  • Wamego Paper
  • K-State Collegian
  • Manhattan Paper
  • Manhattan Free Press
  • Jim will have a copy to review by next meeting
  • Club members will contact folks, generate volunteers for event
  • Better to have fewer contact stations, and more public-facing
5. Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride – date TBD
  • Club plans to use this event as our SET exercise – Myron will report
6. Other business
  • K-State club has invited use of their 2m and 70cm repeaters, WØQQQ. They are working to upgrade their antennas, hope to have HF tower up next semester.
  • Dave will be putting his Echolink node on no-tone to keep transmissions off K-Link.
  • Financial report – We're solvent. Phone line is disconnected, owe $20. Dave will publish the details later.
  • Do we have a student rate? Yes, $10/yr for full-time students

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