Monthly Newsletter  Supporting the Advancement of Amateur Radio  May 2009

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

As I start off this late newsletter it seems at least for the last day or two, we are almost into early summer as opposed to just spring. Hopefully everyone is keeping up with the grass and staying cool without making the meter on the electric line spin too fast.

I'd like to start out by saying thanks to everyone who helped with the 'Cabin Fever Bike Ride.' We received the following from Diane Novak, "Just received a survey and it had the following: 'The support vehicles were tremendous! Those guys deserve a gold medal.' " This is good news, and we dealt with everything that happened, including the 146.955 repeater failing. We all managed to get over to the MAARS repeater and even with less than perfect conditions, carry on the ride. I personally think that this is what Ham radio is about, we are smart enough to work on the fly and make things work. We listen well to weak signals and make things happen.

I can also tell you now that the problem with the 146.955 repeater was what was originally discussed, the fuse holder melted down and from this the amp was lost, which also caused the amp to act like an attenuator and further weaken the signal. These things happen, and they must be dealt with, and in this case I think it was excellent practice for us all.

The next bike ride will be the CASA bike ride here in Manhattan/Riley County on May 30th. We hope to get a good turn out, and will likely use the MAARS repeater.

On notes of the repeater, it seems clear that we have a problem that is related to the location we are at. MAARS has had some excellent ideas floating around from members about locations and cures. It seems relocation might be the best cure if a suitable site can be found. I have to add to this that some sites, while at first looking promising, would put our antenna at a lower elevation than with the mast and pole we are on now, while at the same time moving us further away from an area that would cover all of Riley County. Let's add to this that 200 ft. of hardline and a new antenna plus the cost of installation is likely above the funds in the MAARS accounts.

Either way, we are in the process of testing a site or two where antennas that might be 'somewhat suitable' might already exist, and thus allow us to test the site before spending too much money to make it what we need it to be.

At our meeting I hope we will be discussing Field Day plans, as the event is approaching quickly. I hope we can make some plans and then follow through so we don't have the problems with too many of our antennas or transmitters being too close together.

Next, I've said this many times before, but I'll do it again. If there are subjects you want to know more about, ask if we can have a meeting on that topic. Better yet, reseach it assuming that others want to know more and share it with the group.

Last, thank you to Rudy, KDØBLT, and Rich, KBØZGY, for coming over to JC and playing this past weekend at the QTH of WØCEM. Rudy spent a great deal of time on the tower, just 'hanging around,' and bolting down a rotator that had come loose. I personally did an excellent job of watching the work unfold.

I hope that we can have a good turn out at the meeting on Friday, and we will have a good turn out at dinner as well. We will meet at the Sirloin Stockade in Manhattan around 5:30 and then join each other at the Red Cross at 2601 Anderson Ave. for the MAARS meeting. I apologize for the lack of excitement with this month's meeting, but hope we can get together nonetheless.

Brian Carter, KCØDWX
WARN (Weather Amateur Radio Network) member

Scott Chainey, ACØCY

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Francis Sable, WØEVJ

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Christine Chainey, KCØYJN

April 2009

Cash, 4/01/09105.00 
Checking Account, 4/01/09363.23 
Savings Account, 4/01/09872.61 
Total Cash on Hand, 4/01/09 $ 1,340.84
      savings interest1.19
Total Income    + 41.19
Total Expenditures    - 34.32
Cash, 5/01/09105.00 
Checking, 5/01/09368.91 
Savings, 5/01/09873.80 
Total Cash on Hand, 5/01/09  $ 1,347.71


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