Monthly Newsletter  Supporting the Advancement of Amateur Radio  April 2006

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

A big thanks goes out to Pete Sias, NØOY, from Salina for presenting us with last month's program on radio direction finding. I was surprised to see the simplicity of a couple of his tools for Fox Hunting. Perhaps we can consider having a fox hunt in the near future and combine it with our club meeting our a picnic. Scott, ACØCY, mentioned an upcoming National Fox Hunt Day so we may want to keep that in mind and organize an event based on the National Event.

Field Day is only about two months away. As always Field day the fourth full weekend in June, making it June 24-25th. And, as is usually the case, this will be the same weekend as the Country Stampede in Manhattan.

Now is the time to make our plans and decide where we would like to hold the event this year. Last year we camped out at Pottawatomie State Lake #1 north of Westmoreland, Kansas. I think everyone there had a great time and enjoyed the get together and company more than radio operating. Bring your ideas for locations to the April meeting so we can discuss what we would like to do this year for Field Day.

Our April meeting was postponed by one week, due to the holiday, and will be held April 21st. We will hold the meeting at Fred and Nadine Stueve's house, 4280 Salzer Rd. in Wamego. Our meeting time will be 6:00 P.M. and will include a potluck dinner and looking at the trailer we took on as a club project.

Everyone attending should bring a dish to share and serving utensils. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided. Table service will be provided as well as coffee, water and some carbonated beverages. As we will likely be outside you should also try to bring a lawn chair for each person attending, if you have them.

I hope to see most of you there.

Brian Carter, KCØDWX
WARN (Weather Amateur Radio Network) member

Scott Chainey, ACØCY

no report

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

The MAARS meeting for March was on Friday, March 10, 2006.

We had as a guest speaker Pete Sias, NØOY, of Salina who gave a lecture and demonstration on radio direction finding, and also showed several items of DF equipment.

There was discussion of progress that has been made in making repairs on the portable antenna tower owned by KBØRPV. Myron, WØPBV, presented information about the ''Emergency Management Support Association of Kansas."

It was voted to move the next meeting date to the third Friday in April, April 21, 2006, because of the Easter Holiday weekend falling on our regular meeting date.

There were 14 people present at the meeting.

Scott Chainey, ACØCY

March 2006

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