Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio March 2002

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

In February, we were treated to a presentation by Mike Moore (NØPVU), showing video and giving us a talk about his trip to Australia last fall. Mike obviously enjoyed the trip and those attending the meeting enjoyed hearing about it. We also gave away door prizes for persons answering a question about amateur radio operating procedures. The question was "Can music ever be transmitted over amateur radio legally? Be specific, simple yes or no answers do not count." The answer is that music may actually be transmitted or actually "retransmitted" during only one situation and that is the retransmission of space shuttle missions. Mission Control uses music to wake the astronauts. Two people got correct answers and received $5 gift certificates to Radio Shack. Many very good and interesting answers were given.

On February 16th a test session was held at the Red Cross with MAARS as the sponsor. 10 people showed up for testing. 8 students from the KSU solar car team passed the technician test as well as another local youth. Another attendee passed the written general class test on their way to upgrading to a general license. The next scheduled test session will be at 1:30 P.M. on April 20th at the Red Cross building, 2601 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS. Thank you to Francis Sable (WØEVJ), Greg Cerny (WQØP), and John Blessing (NØYRL) for their assistance with the test session, their help made it go off without a hitch.

Our March meeting will be held on March the 8th at 7:30P.M. at the Red Cross building at 2601 Anderson Ave. We should start thinking about Field Day locations so they can be reserved if need be and plans can be made. This year for the first time Field Day and the Country Stampede are 'not' on the same weekend, Field Day comes the week before. This might open up some other possibilities as to locations to hold the event. I've heard a couple of ideas already from people so feel free to throw your idea in as well.

I plan to provide some information on some 'newer' operating methods as well during the meeting. I've received an e-mail or two on different things that are being done and hope to present some of the information.

As always we will meet before the regular meeting for dinner at the Sirloin Stockade in Manhattan. We usually meet there between 5:00 and 5:30 P.M. Anyone with an interest in amateur radio is welcome to attend and members are encouraged to bring guests. Hope to see you then.

Call signs and licenses earned from February 16th testing in Manhattan.

Gordon Terry    KCØMMC    Technician
Pete Frey    KCØMMH    Technician
Michael Bozeman    KCØMMF    Technician
Jack Bauer    KCØMMJ    Technician
Michael Blouin    KCØMMK    Technician
Junius Penny    KCØMMI    Technician
Bradley Larson    KCØMMD    Technician
Greg Johnson    KCØMME    Technician
Christopher Weber    KCØMMG    Technician

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

Bob Bartholic, KBØZWK

As we enter the third month of 2002, I have to say that we have experienced a pretty nice winter. To date, we only had three snow falls that actually left the snow white for a couple of days. I know that I am ready for spring and the nice warm days that lay ahead. At last months officer's meeting, Brian thought it may be a good idea if I were to get my Volunteer Examiner Certification. Well, I followed through with his suggestion and as of the March 2nd I am now a new VE. I think that this is a good move. I believe that helping with the education and testing process of new and potential amateur radio operators keeps our local organizations a repeaters active and on the air. I do applaud those who make a point to talk up amateur radio and keep the repeater warm with communications. We did experience a slow term within the past year, but I have noticed more activity on the repeater recently. The numbers that have been checking into the nets are on the rise as well.

I feel good about MAARS and W.A.R.N and I believe the activities and attendance is on the increase. Thanks to everyone for their participation. In the world of W.A.R.N everything is quiet as far as tornadic activity. However, some of us did keep our eyes on the computer screens and radars as this last snow storm threatened our area. Hopefully this will be the last of the snow.

In February Mr. Leonard Humes, a meteorologist from Ft. Riley, spoke at our WARN meeting. His presentation was about indicators of severe weather. This was a very interesting class. If you missed it, Mike (NØPVU) was gracious enough to video record it and it is now part of the video library at emergency management if you would like to view it.

Upcoming events- The Topeka National Weather Service will be presenting its Basic Spotter Course. This will be held at the Manhattan Fire Dept at 2000 Denison Ave. This will be on March 13th at 7 P.M. You do not have to be a W.A.R.N member to attend. I encourage everyone to attend. This is a very informative presentation and could help save lives in the event of tornadic severe weather. W.A.R.N members, remember this will take the place of our regular meeting for March and this class is required under the new training standards if you have not had it yet.

Enjoy & 73s
Bob Bartholic, KBØZWK

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

The MAARS meeting of 2-8-2002 was opened at 7:30 P.M. by Brian, KCØDWX. The first activity was a video showing by Mike, NØPVU, of his recent trip to Australia. He also had a collection of photos and coins to show us.

Myron,WØPBV, discussed the condition of the Riley County communications bus which is being renovated for that purpose and as a command center. Myron also passed out forms to be filled out to be registered for emergency operations.

Henry, KAØSWM, announced that our repeater callsign will be in the new state repeater directory. The meeting was closed at about 9:30 P.M. by Brian.

Erin Crouch, KBØTXL
February 2002

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Savings Account Balance, 3/01/021,300.72 
Total Cash on Hand, 3/01/02  $1,466.99


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