Monthly Newsletter Supporting the Advancement of Amateur Radio February 2003

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

It seems we are actually seeing a little bit of winter weather finally. Hopefully everyone one is taking advantage of a good excuse to stay indoors and do whatever work is needed indoors on the shack or at least getting in some operating time. Since spring is coming we must also start thinking of severe weather and be prepared for it as well. The Weather Amateur Radio Net is always looking for new members to help out with out storm spotting. If you have an interest please contact Bob Bartholic (KBØZWK), either on the air or at for e-mail. The requirements for being a participating member of WARN are easy to meet and fairly minimal. If you have your amateur radio license you have the hardest part tackled.

Since WARN operates primarily on the MAARS repeater during callouts, a brief description of procedures is in order. During times when severe weather is probable and watches or warnings exist, you may hear WARN members announcing current conditions and asking for people who may be available to go out to spot on hilltops. Usually during these times, after a brief discussion, the repeater will be turned over for normal operating use when the conversation is done. Obviously, even during these announcements, all emergency traffic will take priority. If you have emergency traffic please call break and pass your emergency traffic or make the necessary contacts.

The next thing you may hear WARN do is go into an actual callout. At this time the repeater, by agreement of MAARS and the trustee, go into emergency operations mode, more or less. All traffic on the repeater should be limited to members of WARN until the repeater is turned back over to normal use. Again, all emergency traffic will still be dealt with, if you come to a fire during a storm spotting event and can only report it by radio, then please call for a break and identify yourself and the emergency. As for basic weather observations from non-WARN members, while the WARN group appreciates your intent to help out, it is normally not useful and many times more harmful for you to call in and tell us that you have hail the size of a squirrel ear in a 3-block area around the Handy Shop.

Ok, all that aside, hopefully we will have little use of the above operating procedures. As we discussed at our last meeting we will be sending this newsletter out to several amateur radio license holders in the area. We hope to contact those persons out there who have either not been with us for a while or who may not be aware we even exist. For those of you who receive this and don't know, MAARS or The Manhattan Area Amateur Radio Society, exists here in Manhattan, KS as a club of persons all interested in amateur radio and probably even more so in each other as a group of friends with a common interest. We operate locally on the KSØMAN repeater at 147.255 at +600 offset. We have meetings monthly on the second Friday of the month. For February that date is/was the 14th at 7:30 P.M. Our March meeting will be March 14th again at 7:30 P.M. The location for our meetings is the American Red Cross building at 2601 Anderson Ave., Manhattan, KS. Many of us also like to meet at the Sirloin Stockade in Manhattan around 5:30 P.M. for dinner and conversation. We would like to invite anyone interested to come and join us for either or both dinner and meeting.

MAARS has recently started to set aside a separate fund for repeater replacement. One thing we could not do currently is write a check to purchase a repeater and replace what we have. This doesn't sound like a problem since what we have works. However, it does sit on a radio tower on a hilltop in Kansas. Just the chances of lightning alone are enough to make one a bit nervous. Just in the last 2 or 3 years we have had to replace the phone patch board, more than likely due to lightning. Since amateur radio could and has in the past been a very useful form of communication in this area, we ask that you help support the club either by becoming a member and/or donating to the repeater fund. While there hasn't been a need for us to help with emergency communications recently, we don't want to find out we need it when it isn't there.

Our February meeting will consist of folding and stapling. We will have a very informal meeting and enjoy some conversation and refreshments while we send out this information to those who might not be aware of us.

For March we will do a program on station and shack safety and grounding, and operating with the upcoming storm season in mind. Anyone with ideas or info on this topic please bring it to the meeting with you so we can prepare for March.

We look forward to seeing you at dinner and the meeting, and while it is Valentine's day, you probably couldn't find a more loveable group of people to hang out with.

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

Dona-Rose Hackerott, NØZKX

no report

Dona-Rose Hackerott, NØZKX

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

The MAARS meeting for Jan 10, 2003 was opened at 7:30 by president Brian.

After some discussion, it was moved and voted by those present to send out a special newsletter soliciting MAARS members and other area hams for contributions for the repeater fund.

The meeting was closed by Brian at about 8:30 P.M. with 9 persons in attendance.

For your information a new ARRL Section Manager has been appointed for this area. His name is Ron Cowan, KBØDTI, La Cygne, Ks. The previous SM was Orlan Cook, Topeka. Some other ARRL appointees of interest to this area are: E.C.(emergency coordinator) for Pott. county is Keny Grant, KBØRPV, Olsburg. George Hough is Pott. county emergency director (Official) at Westmoreland. ARRL Midwest Division director is Wade Walstrom,WØEJ, Cedar Rapids, Ia. Vice director is Bruce Frahm, KØBJ, Colby, Ks.

Erin Crouch, KBØTXL
February 2003

Cash on Hand,1/05/0334.33 
Checking Account, 1/05/03199.19 
Savings Account, 1/05/03832.19 
Total on Hand, 1/05/03 $ 1,065.71
      Repeater Fund26.00
      Bumper Sticker2.00
      Interest 2.62
Total Receipts    + 100.62
      Telephone 25.60
      Tower Rent36.00
Total Expenditures    -  61.60
Cash on Hand, 2/04/0334.33 
Checking, 2/04/03209.59 
Savings, 2/04/03 860.81 
Total Cash on Hand, 2/04/03  $1,104.73


NEW FROM ARRL - Beginning October 1, 2001, our club will receive $15 for each new member joining the ARRL through our club. This is for new members or those who have not been a member for two or more years. There will be no commission for renewals but we still may submit your renewals, if you wish. Since the club retains the dues, it is necessary for you to write your check to MAARS, and then the treasurer writes a check to ARRL.


Dues will be due by Oct. 31 and are: regular membership $20, full-time student $10, family $30. Please complete the following when renewing your membership, even if you did so last year. Return to the Treasurer, at a meeting or to MAARS, P. O. Box 613, Manhattan, KS 66505-0613. If you are currently receiving both the email and paper copy of the newsletter, please consider just receiving the email copy. It will save the club $5-6.00 per year per copy.

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