Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio February, 2001

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

I hope every one has been staying warm, but still managing to hang on to some money to spend on radio. It seems the gas company decided they needed a pretty good chunk of mine recently. The good news is that the days are now getting a bit longer and should soon start warming up.

Last month several members, Jon Held (NØRYQ), Chad Carter (NØZMG), and Mike Moore (NØPVU) installed the HF antenna on top of our club station. Now all that is left is to install the coax, and we will be on the air. It has been suggested a couple of times that it would be nice if some of the members would meet for lunch at the club station occasionally in order to show our presence and show our use of the station. It would be educational for the Red Cross team to see us there as well. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

For our regularly scheduled February meeting, Francis Sable has offered to give us another electronics demonstration. The meeting will be held on February 9 at 7:30 P.M. We should also start discussing Field day locations. I've heard several great ideas for the event, and hope to hear more. Maybe this year the wind will blow and Mike's kite can go up.

As most of you have probably heard several times, some of us have been fortunate enough to catch Norm Dillman (NØJCC), on the Maritime Mobile Net on 14.300 MHz. Usually he is in the process of running grandchildren around in the van. Norm has said to say hello to everyone, and feel free to give him a shout if you have the chance.

Don't forget to join many of the members of MAARS at Sirloin Stockade around 5 to 5:30 the night of the meeting. The eating group gathers in the SW corner. We hope to see many of you there and at the meeting.

Brian Carter

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

MAARS MEETING, 1-12-2001. The meeting was opened at 7:30 P.M. by Brian, KCØDWX. Next a video program about Nikola Tesla was shown to the group. This was about 2 hours in length.

There is discussion about the problems of re-programming the repeater controller. There is a suggestion by Jon, NØRYQ, that the repeater committee should try to replace the present memory backup battery in the repeater controller.

It is proposed and moved by Francis, WØEVJ, to request Chuck, AAØRI, our present repeater trustee and repeater controller programmer, to try to think of a solution to our repeater programming problems even if we have to incur additional expense to do it. Since he plans to retire soon, maybe we can get this done before that time. Also maybe train some MAARS members on the details of the repeater operation so that one of them could take over as trustee and repeater programmer when Chuck gets ready to move temporarily out of this area after retirement. He will probably resign as repeater trustee at that time. The members present voted in favor of this proposal.

It is moved by Jon, NØRYQ, and seconded by Francis, WØEVJ, to allow Chuck, AAØRI, a 5-year MAARS membership in exchange for a mod. MFJ-986 HF antenna tuner for use in the MAARS station. Approval for this is voted by the members present.

Brian thanks Chad, NØZMG, Mike, NØPVU, and Jon, NØRYQ, for mounting the R-6000 HF antenna on the roof of the Red Cross building for use with the MAARS station.

Nadine, KØUHF, announces the receipt of a letter from Wendell Wilson, of the Kansas-Nebraska Radio Club, reminding us that it is time to submit names of candidates for this years Kansas Amateur of the year award. Norm Dillman, NØJCC, of Manhattan was last year's recipient of this award. May 1st is the deadline for making nominations.

She also announces the coming Hamfest on Jan. 20 at St. Joseph, Mo. and the next YL dinner meeting on Thursday, Jan 18 at Grizzlies at 3003 Anderson.

Francis reminds the group that a new editor for the MAARS Newsletter is still needed. It is also announced that there will be VE exams in Wamego on Saturday Jan. 13.

Brian adjourned the meeting with 10 persons in attendance.

Chuck Carter, AAØRI

I received a report from Orlan Cook, WØYH, Kansas Section Manager, stating that Bruce Frahm, KØBJ; Midwest Vice Director of the ARRL, had suffered a mild heart attack in January. Bruce has received angioplasty and is doing fine.

Our own member and friend John Reichle, WAØSIB, is in the St. Joseph's Senior Center next to Mercy Hospital on College and the new Surgical clinic in Room 103. I'm sure John would appreciate a card and possibly a visit if it were allowed.

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
January 2001

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