Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio January, 1999

Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB

A huge thanks to Fred (KØTCS) and Nadine (KØUHF) Stueve for hosting a wonderful Christmas Party. The gift exchange was a lot of fun and the food was excellent.

Our next meeting will be held on January 8, 1999 at the Riley County Red Cross building on Poyntz Avenue just west of 14th street. It's the white building on the north side of the street with the red cross. THE MEETING WILL NOT BE AT THE KSU CAMPUS. It will be held at the usual time of 7:30 p.m. Come early and check out the club station, KSØMAN. We even have a 10-X number (70161) now thanks to the station trustee, Chuck, AAØRI. In addition to introducing everyone to the club station we'll have a discussion and demonstration of SSTV. Lloyd KD4STH will probably have some new information on the latest balloon launch. Be sure to check out the January 1999 issue of QST magazine for the first part of Lloyd's article on "Balloons to the Edge of Space". He made the front cover. We will also meet at about 5:15 p.m. to eat at the Sirloin Stockade on the east side of Manhattan before the meeting.

We need volunteers for the Field Day Committee. We need to get started on plans now. Be thinking about other committees that you might enjoy working on. We'd love to get some new people more involved.

Norm Dillman, NØJCC

Doris Grosh, AAØDU, has donated several items to MAARS. Some of the items will be used in the new club station, others will be sold for the club or used for door prizes and she would like for us to auction a few for her.

We will keep for the club station a Daiwa 620 cross meter SWR bridge, a straight key for cw, an analog VOM, a book and a set of headphones. Items to be auctioned include a Ten Tec electronic keyer/paddle unit, Tempo S1 two meter handheld and a Kenwood MC60 desk mike.

Thank you very much Doris, the club will get lots of use out of these items.



The following locations are listed alphabetically. They extend through nine continuous time zones from GMT -3 to GMT -11; from the Pacific to the Atlantic. An example for each of the four US-48 state time zones is given. Place the "hours from GMT" for each location in the blanks. Hint: there is only one unknown location for each of the nine time zones. Try it without a map first. The first correct solution that I receive (without using a map or other reference) wins $5.00.

Bogota, Colombia
Buenos Aires
Mexico City
Midway Island
New York
Puerto Rico
Tijuana, Mexico

Lenore Layman, NØTSN

November 13, 1998

John Skare, NØPVT discussed with the club shortwave listening tricks and experiences.

Election results: The nominating committee announced that there were no nominations from the floor, a motion was made to accept the current officers and was seconded. All were in favor. President, Phyllis Dillman; Vice-President, Henry Bachman; Secretary, Lenore Layman; Treasurer, Nadine Stueve.

Club station is located at the Red Cross building located at 1410 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan. Chuck Carter, AAØRI will be the club station trustee, KSØMAN will be the club call sign. Thanks to all who helped with putting up antennas.

Interference (146.67) from Topeka, they are aware of it and are working on a solution.

Norm announced that there is a need for people to help with communications in Aggieville for the K-State vs. Nebraska game on Saturday, November 14. If you are interested report to the ice rink in city park at 7:00.

Nadine reminded everyone that dues were due and if you are interested in joining ARRL see her after the meeting. Nadine read a letter from the ARRL Board of Directors - some of the items discussed - It was proposed that Novice license would be eliminated; grandfathers all current Novice and Technician Plus licenses to General Class. Due to negative comments from the membership the Board agreed not to propose the changes. The board would like to eliminate the multiple choice format from the Morse code examination and expand the written examination questions. Anyone interested in filing comments need to do so by Dec. 1, 1998 - e-mail address is If anyone is interested in reading the letter from the board, Lenore will have a copy in the book of minutes.

A motion was made and passed to order QSL cards for the club station and we would ask John, NØTOK to print them for our club. Bring your designs and ideas to the Christmas party.

Christmas party will be held on Saturday, December 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Fred and Nadine's house 4280 Salzer Road, Wamego. Pot luck and $5.00 optional gift exchange.

No regular club meeting held in December. Next meeting January 8th at the Red Cross Building.

Chuck Carter, AAØRI

Since our last regular meeting, the club vanity call sign has been approved by the FCC. It is now officially KSØMAN.

The station equipment has been loaned to the club for 1 year by Norm, NØJCC; Chuck, AAØRI; and Doris, AAØDU. Myron, Henry, Francis, Norm, Mike and Chuck helped put up the antennae and make and install the window bulkhead. There were probably some I forgot as I wasn't there every session.

Norm, Kenny, BJ and I have made sufficient 10 meter contacts to apply for a 10-10 club membership in the name of our club. Our 10-X number is 70161.

All club members are invited to operate the station whenever they wish. There must be a control operator present to use the HF equipment and you must stay within the band limits of that control op. The station trustee holds an extra class license so all privileges are allowed within the bounds of the control operator that is present. All HF calls should be logged in the log book provided.

The R-7 vertical antenna is good from 10 meters through 40 meters including the WARC bands. It has a fairly narrow bandwidth on 20 and 40 meters so you must stay within those limits. Areas that are not within the 2:1 VSWR of the antenna have been blacked out on the band plan chart posted on the wall.

73 de Chuck, AAØRI

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
November and December 1998

Cash on Hand, 10/31/9870.00
Checking account balance, 10/31/98362.87
Savings account balance, 10/31/98 2,347.80
Total on Hand, 10/31/98 $ 2,780.67
   Christmas Party10.00
Total Receipts80.00
Total Money Available $ 2,783.61
   Newsletter - copy 15.04
   Christmas Party5.00
Total Expenditures 72.06
Cash on Hand, 12/31/98 20.00 
Checking account balance,12/31/98295.81 
Savings account balance, 12/31/982,472,80 
Total on Hand, 12/31/98 $ 2,788.61


If you would like to become a member of the American Radio Relay League and receive the monthly issue of QST, your treasurer has a form you may use to apply. The club keeps $5 of each new member's dues and $2 of each renewing member, so even if you are renewing, do so through the club. The main thing to remember is that if you join through the club, your check must be made out to MAARS. When the form is sent in, the treasurer writes a new check deducting the amount which the club is permitted to keep. They will not reimburse the club. If you are renewing, bring your notice for renewal along to the meeting or send it to the Treasurer at the MAARS address.