MAARS Meeting Minutes, 9 January 2015
submitted by Jim Foster, KDØNQQ, secretary

We've agreed to maintain monthly meetings, however the venue and times will be new starting with the February meeting. There will be no separate eating meeting. Instead, the club will meet at Vista, starting at 6 pm, on the second Friday of the month.

The Friday meeting time is not set in stone. If anyone would like to suggest another date, please do so. A survey of the room indicated that available evenings, in order of preference are Friday, Monday, Sunday.

The repeater was discussed. Two decisions were made:

  1. The treasurer has been empowered to seek a reduced rate for the line, and if this cannot be achieved, cancel the phone line to the repeater, as the club cannot afford the expense.

  2. A meeting has been set for anyone who wants to help get the new repeater going. We will meet on the 16th of January, beginning at 7 pm. Location will be Dave Mills' house, 2501 Church Circle, Manhattan, KS. Primary goal for the meeting will be to determine a deadline for deploying the repeater, and action items to make that happen.

Agenda items for next meeting:

  1. VEC Certification — Jim will research this, and present. Goal is to get enough VECs certified to at least allow testing for new Techs.

  2. Fox Hunt — Mark will lead a discussion about putting on a fox hunt at some point this spring

  3. CERT Training — open discussion of the club hosting, or helping facilitate a CERT training event, with a concurrent test

  4. Bike Rides — Jim will lay out a calendar for the rides we'll likely be asked to support this year

  5. Field Day — a general discussion/brainstorming session for the 2015 Field Day


Mark Benfer KCØQAS Manhattan
Francis Sable WØEVJ Wamego
David Mills KDØAZG Manhattan
Gordon Alkire KBØYYO Riley
Paul Schliffke NØUZN Wamego
Nadine Steuve KØUHF Wamego
Nancy Calhoun NØKMU Manhattan
Myron Calhoun WØPBV Manhattan
Farren Constable KBØAZJ Blue Rapids
Doug Miller - Manhattan
Jim Foster KDØNQQ Wamego
David Yoder KAØJPM Manhattan

Addendum to the Minutes from Myron, WØPBV:

The "Banquet" room at Vista Drive In is now reserved for MAARS for 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. for every future second Friday of the month, until we decide otherwise. This reservation did/does NOT cost anything, since Vista likes people to eat in their facility!-)

An electrical outlet is available, but Vista does not provide Wi-Fi.

The Manhattan Mercury prints a TWO-FOR-THE-PRICE-OF-ONE Vista coupon in the COUPON CLIPPER column below the fold on the right-hand side of page A3, in each Monday edition of the newspaper. Although Nancy and I don't eat there that often, we do clip these coupons and save them (and those from other establishments) "just in case", and the expiration dates for the four coupons we have right now are:
12 Jan - two desserts
19 Jan - two combos (hamburger, fries, & drink)
26 Jan - two burgers
2 Feb - two desserts

I also saw a "TWO-COMBOS-FOR-THE-PRICE-OF-ONE" coupon in the Manhattan Free Press. I don't know the publication date, but this coupon's expiration date was 6 January.

To see Vista's menu, visit these URLs:

Sides & Salads

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