Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to the Advancement of Amateur Radio January, 2000

Brian Carter, KCØDWX

I would like to thank Fred, KØTCS and Nadine KØUHF for allowing MAARS to use their house for the annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 11. The food was good, the company was good and the gift exchange was again very entertaining. I think everyone had a great deal of fun stealing nachos, peanuts and candies. We missed those of you who were unable to attend.

I would also like to thank last years officer who left office with a suspicious smile on their faces. They have spent a great deal of their time seeing to it that things have gone relatively well. Nadine, I hope you don't mind terribly serving another year as treasurer but it is nice to have someone in one of the officer positions who has served for the last few years.

Our January 14 meeting will feature Tracy Tipping NØOEY giving us a demonstration on lightning and lightning safety. Some of you may have seen this in WARN a couple of months back but it is certainly a program worth seeing again. The meeting will be at 7:30 PM at the Red Cross Building 2601 Anderson Manhattan, KS. As usual you are welcome to attend the eating meeting at 5:15 or so at the Sirloin Stockade near K-mart.

It is time to start forming our various commitees for this year's events, most importantly, field day. Even if you don't think you will be able to attend an event you can be a great deal of help in planning and preparing. Too many times we like to watch things happen around us rather then participate in them. I'm not asking anyone to do something they aren't capable of, participation is not always physical but can be mental. If you have questions or ideas be sure to speak up. I have learned many times that if you question something you will either save others a great deal of time because you did know more on the subject, or you could be wrong but will learn more on the subject yourself.

I look forward to 'participating' with all of you over the next year. Thank you to Nadine, KØUHF, Francis, WØEVJ and Bob,KBØZWK for taking on officers positions. Thank you to Chuck, AAØRI, as well who has been our newsletter editor for the last couple of years, and is at least termporarily the repeater trustee. I'm sure it will be a fun, exciting and even educational year.

Francis Sable, WØEVJ

Manhattan Area Amateur Radio Society
December 12, 1999

The meeting was called to order at the club Christmas party by President Phyllis Dillman, NØMJB, and the books and torch were passed on to the new officers. New officers are President Brian Carter, KCØDWX, Vice President Bob Bartholic, KBØZWK, Secretary Francis Sable, WØEVJ and Treasurer Nadine Stueve, KØUHF. The meeting was adjourned by Brian.

In late December, the upcoming Y2K alert brought concern about local repeater controllers and if they would be Y2K compliant or if there was the possibility that the more sophisticated repeaters might be date sensitive and maybe malfunction during the Y2K call out. It was found out that the date would have to be juggled on the MAARS controller and that the PAWS repeater wasn't date sensitive. Chuck, AAØRI, set the MAARS repeater date to 1972 as suggested by Myron and it seems to be operating correctly.

Formal MAARS and ARES agreement A document of cooperative understanding has been written between MAARS and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service). It was signed by Phyllis, NØMJB, MAARS President, and Myron WØPBV, ARES Emergency Coordinator.

Effective November 16, 1999. This document gives formal approval for ARES to use the MAARS repeater as a means of communication for ARES operations. MAARS agrees that ARES shall be given priority use of MAARS repeaters when ARES has been activated by the appropriate authority.

New Emergency Coordinator

Kenny Grant, KBØRPV, has been appointed official ARRL Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Pottawatomie and Jackson counties. Kenny solicits the support and participation of ham radio operators in any future simulated or real emergency operations, to help with back-up communications for the public. He would like to hear from those hams who are able and inclined to participate in this activity. He asks that you contact him in person, or by mail or phone to let him know that you would be able to help. Membership in ARES or RACES is not necessary to participate. His mail address is: 104 E. Hwy 16, Olsburg, KS 66520. Phone No. is: (785) 468-3639.

Pott. County Y2K radio standby operation Kenny Grant, KBØRPV, recently appointed ARRL EC for Pott and Jackson counties, organized and was net control for a Y2K alert operation on Dec. 31 in Pott. County. He also helped with a similar operation is Jackson county. Check-ins and radio monitoring began at 11:00 PM and continued until past 1:00 AM on Jan. 1. The net operation was on the 444.325 MHz NØUZN (PAWS) repeater and also the MAARS 2 meter repeater. Simplex back-up frequencies were also designated.

Volunteer participants were: Charlie, NØWIG; Stacy, N»KMC; Fred, KØTCS; Nadine, KØUHF; Francis, WØEVJ; Chuck, AAØRI; Beverly, NØRKO; Nina, KCØBBH; Kermit, KBØEEF; Kenny, KBØRPV, Net control at Pott. County SO, Westmoreland. AAØRI and KØTCS also monitored KS emergency HF frequencies and checked into that net.

Silent Key

Clarence Stephen Schultz, WØCHJ, age 88, died November 14, 1999. He was a life long resident of Junction City except for time in Military service. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He was a radio CW operator in the navy. After returning to Junction City, He worked at a Ft. Riley print shop and also as a photographer. Fred Stueve, KØTCS, recalls that during the late 1930s he was able to hear WØCHJ operating his amateur station on a home made crystal detector receiver. Steve and Fred were long time friends.

This seems to be an appropriate time to once again acknowledge the tremendous contributions made to our country during WWII by the radio amateurs of that time as both radio technicians and operators. Clarence Stephen Schultz was one of those radio operators. 

Myron Calhoun, WØPBV

I want to thank the following amateur radio operators for their unstinting service in appearing for duty at midnight on Friday, 31 December, 1999, at 22 sites in Manhattan and around Riley County:

Arnold Levenson (WAØEHA)
Bob Bartholic   (KBØZWK)
Brian Carter   (KCØDWX)
Chad Carter   (NØZMG)
Chuck Carter   (AAØRI)
Cleve Humbert   (KCØFWQ)
Dan Martin    (WAØBUD)
Dan Wright   (KBØTXK)
Daniel Soldan   (KBØOTV)
Dave Threewit   (NØIVG)
Doris Grosh   (AAØDU)
Fred Hackerott   (WBØSUD)
Gene Stepp   (KBØATX)
Henry Bachman   (KAØSWM)
Johnathan Linder   (NØVEC)
Ken Randall   (KBØCX)
Lila Wrigley   (KAØDAT)
Pete Garfinkel   (KD7GBG)
Ray Kurtz   (KØIDH)
Spencer Smith   (KCØEZW)
Tracy Tipping   (NØOEY)

Throughout Kansas, other "hams" also responded to help their communities in case the Y2K bug struck, but the above are those who richly deserve our thanks.

Myron A. Calhoun (WØPBV)
RACES Emergency Coordinator

Chuck Carter, AAØRI

The FCC has finally come out with their Report and Order regarding Amateur license restructuring. I'll just report briefly on the subject. You can get the complete report, a summary of the report and FAQs at the ARRL's web site. Their address is

There will be 3 classes of license: Tech, General and Extra. The top code speed is 5 wpm. If you are a Novice, Tech plus or Advanced class license holder, you may renew that license indefinitely; there will just not be any new licenses issued.

If you were licensed Tech before March, 1987 you can upgrade to General by producing proof at any VE test session after April 15. If you are a Tech plus you may upgrade by taking the general exam at any time. If you are a Tech, you must still take the 5 wpm code test and the general test to upgrade. Advanced class hams can take the written Extra exam now to upgrade. General and Advanced class can take the Extra exam after April 15 to upgrade.

There is much more to this restructuring and I hope you will take the time to get a copy of the complete report.

(Webmaster's note: The exact URL for info on restructuring is this).

Nadine Stueve, KØUHF
November - December, 1999

Cash on Hand, 10/31/99130.00
Checking account balance, 10/31/99288.58
Savings account balance, 10/31/99 1,737.08
Total on Hand, 10/31/99 $ 2,151.66
      Christmas Party5.00
      Interest - Savings Account13.46
Total Receipts    421.56
Total Money Available $ 2,577.22
      Newsletter - printing8.96
      Newsletter - postage33.00
      Auction - Doris Grosh58.00
      Christmas Party20.00
Total Expenditures    228.94
Cash on Hand, 12/31/9920.00 
Checking account balance, 12/31/99169.64 
Savings account balance, 12/31/992,158.64 
Total on Hand, 12/31/99 $ 2,348.28


If you would like to become a member of the American Radio Relay League and receive the monthly issue of QST, your treasurer has a form you may use to apply. The club keeps $5 of each new member's dues and $2 of each renewing member, so even if you are renewing, do so through the club. The main thing to remember is that if you join through the club, your check must be made out to MAARS. When the form is sent in, the treasurer writes a new check deducting the amount which the club is permitted to keep. They will not reimburse the club. If you are renewing, bring your notice for renewal along to the meeting or send it to the Treasurer at the MAARS address.

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NAME _______________________________________  CALLSIGN ____________

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