About Our Club

The Manhattan, Kansas Amateur Radio Society (MAARS) was formed on July 7, 1976. The purpose of the club is to advance amateur radio in the Manhattan area. Since the beginning, the club has been active in different aspects of amateur radio, packet radio, satellites, community activities, ARRL Field Day, and amateur radio classes. Also, many club members have been very involved through the years with emergency communications and storm spotting. The club operates under the authority and guidelines of our Constitution.


  • Christmas Party
  • Field Day
  • Picnic/Auction
  • Program
  • Publicity
  • Repeater
  • RFI

    To learn more about a committee or to volunteer, please contact the president.

  • Contacting Us

  • MAARS Facebook Page
  • MAARS Google Group
  • PO BOX 613 Manhattan, KS 66505-0613

  • Echo Link

    from Dave, KDØAZG

    I have made repairs to the radio and PA for the Echo link server. I have made some changes on how to access nodes, should you want to DTMF a Echo link node. You must enter 1*, then your Node number. We were having trouble with other DTMF codes being broadcast on the KLINK that made a connection on our Echo link server. By adding in the 1*, this should help resolve this issue.

    Remember, ECHO link is a no-tone operation, so should you connect with someone calling CQ via ECHO LINK, please disengage your tone. Enjoy.


    Meetings are now in the Manhattan Public Library, 629 Poyntz Ave., on the usual schedule of second Fridays. Check Upcoming Events below to confirm details for the next meeting.


    Manhattan Weekly Net

  • Tuesdays at 8 P.M.
  • KSØMAN repeater, 147.255+ MHz
  • All amateurs (technician and above) are welcome to check in.
  • Following the net, we have the swap net. You can buy or sell any items found in the shack.
  • On-air negotiating is not permitted during the swap net.

  • Officers – Nov. 2019

    President Ryan Benteman, ADØTZ benteman@gmail.com
    Vice-President Mike Asbury, W9MPA mikeasb@embarqmail.com
    Treasurer Suzanne Asbury, WØMMA suzasb@embarqmail.com
    Secretary Bill Dickinson, WSØI bill712x@gmail.com
    Public Information Officer Ashley Benteman, KEØIQV ashley.benteman@gmail.com


    Located 1.5 miles south of Manhattan, Kansas, the MAARS repeater is at the KSDB site near K-177. The controller is an S-Com 7K. The repeater runs 10 watts output to a commercial antenna at 110 feet. Coverage as far east as Topeka and as far west as Abilene is common. The input frequency is 147.855 MHz, and the output frequency is 147.255 MHz. The repeater callsign is KSØMAN. The repeater is an open repeater, and may be accessed by any properly-licensed amateur.

    Users of the KSØMAN repeater should be familiar with the autopatch procedures and other guidelines.

    Visit the Kansas Amateur Repeater Council page for a comprehensive list of Kansas repeaters. (Click on RPT Directory.)

    Manhattan Area Repeaters
    CallsignFreq./OffsetOpen/ClosedPL ToneNotes
    147.315 +
    open162.2Ft. Riley / J.C.
    147.255 +
    open88.5autopatch, wx net
    442.000 +
    open88.5offset 447.000, AMS Mode, fusion or analog
    444.525 +
    open162.2Alma to Clay Center & Lawrence (map)
    145.410 –
    444.175 +
    Nov. 14, 2019: From Ryan Benteman: The KSØMAN repeater, 147.255+, is out of service, as of today, for relocation, etc.

    Upcoming Events 2019


    • December 7, 7:00 A.M
    • Sale Barn Cafe / Manhattan Commission Co.
    • 8424 US Highway 24, Manhattan
    • Join us for Breakfast with a side of Ham! It is always fun to see and hear what friends in the amateur radio community are working on. If you have questions about anything ham radio related, we always have informal breakout sessions in the restaurant or in the parking lot after breakfast.

      Don't be late, and please bring all your show and tell projects. It is a great way to inspire hams in exploring different aspects of the arts and science of amateur radio.

      Thanks to everyone who supports our club, meetings and nets. It wouldn't be much of an organization and net without You.

      If you know of a place we may wish to try, please e-mail me at johnson31@sbcglobal.net or kb0eod@gmail.com.